Come summer and the problem of blood sucking mosquitoes hits an all time high. Though mosquitoes are small, they carry some of the most deadly viruses, which can cause diseases like malaria, chikungunya, dengue and other fatal diseases. So, staying prepared in advance is the best way to stay protected.

Here are few home remedies you can try to keep your surroundings mosquito free and stay protected against the deadly mosquito bite both inside & outside your home.


Inside the house:

  1. Patch the gap between windows screens & doors:

    Mosquitoes can easily travel into your house from the tiny little gaps between window screens and doors. Use window & door strips or wire meshes (jaali) to cover those gaps.

  2. Keep Tulsi plant at home:

    Tulsi has been known to work as a natural mosquito repellent as it has been found helpful in killing the larvae and at the same time keep the mosquitoes away.

  3. Spray garlic water:

    Garlic not just has a strong smell but is also one of the best and natural mosquito repellents to use indoors. Just crush few cloves of garlic in water and boil it. Pour the mix in a spray bottle and spray this water all over the house.

  4. Burn rosemary inside the house:

    The smell of burnt rosemary can drive mosquitoes away. Just burn rosemary inside the house to keep it mosquito free.

  5. Use Camphor indoors:

    Burning camphor in a closed room is another natural way of getting rid of mosquitoes inside the house. Burn camphor and leave the room closed for half an hour for effective results.

  6. Use lemon & cloves:

    Slice a lemon into half and insert cloves in it. Lay it out in every room. This technique is known to keep mosquitoes and flies away.

When stepping outside:

    1. Wear mosquito repellent:

      Apply a good quality mosquito repellent on uncovered skin areas, especially when stepping out towards the evening. It will repel the mosquitoes from coming near you and keep you protected from its bite for long. You can always opt for a natural product like Mosrel. It is made with natural ingredients, is chemical-free; skin friendly; safe for use on children; provide 99.9% protection against mosquito bite for upto 8 hours; and is easy to carry anywhere as it is available in cream,  formats.

      Mosrel Packings

    2. Extra protection for kids:

      It is impossible to stop the children from going outside but by taking protective measures we can ensure they stay protected against mosquito bites. Open spaces like parks, school playground or swimming pool often attract mosquitoes in great numbers as they easily get attracted to green & wet places. Always apply a good mosquito repellent cream on their body, make them wear protective clothing

    3. Put on protective clothing:

      When stepping out, wear full sleeved shirts, t-shirts and pants to stay protected from mosquitoes’ bite as they can’t bite through most of the fabric.

    4. Wear light coloured clothes:

      Dark colours stand out and attract mosquitoes. To avoid attracting them, wear subtle or light shades of whites, pinks and greens.